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Registering With Us

  • To bid in the first place you have to register with us. This means we know who you are and that you understand and accept our terms & conditions. Once your registration has been accepted you can begin bidding.


Placing A Bid 

  • You either bid at the next increment by pressing the "Bid" button and then pressing "Confirm" to confirm you wish to place the bid. Or you can bid at a higher amount than the current increment and enter your own bid amount (as long as it is greater than or equal to the current bid plus the minimum increment) in to the box by the "Bid" button, press "Bid" and then confirm your bid by pressing "Confirm". 



  • You may, if you wish, place an "auto bid" which sets a maximum amount they wish to bid to. The website will then automatically bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid, making sure you stay ahead of the bidding automatically.


Searching For Lots 

  • You might find that you may want to search for a particular lot.