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Lot 9 - Bomar Ergnomic 275.230 DG Saw (2008)


Manual Metal Band Saw BOMAR Ergonomic 275.230 DG Metal Band Saw Machine
Very high cutting accuracy. With this machine, cuts of 90° as well as miter cuts left up to 45° and right up to 30°, are continuously possible. (swivel range left 45° and right 60°)
Drive power: 1.1 / 1.5 KW 400V / 50 Hz
Total connected load: 2.7 kVA
Belt speed: 40 / 80 m/min
Saw band dimension: 2720 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Smallest diameter: 5 mm
Remaining piece length: 20 mm
Material support height: 760 mm
Dimension: 1400 x 640 x 1270 mm
Weight: 310 kg
Basic equipment
Lowering of the saw arm via hydraulic cylinder; stepless adjustment
easy and fast clamping of the material due to a quick clamping device
easy, manual shifting of the vice R/L
electrical belt tension monitoring with saw belt breakage control
Coolant pump with dual feed to the saw blade guides
Carbide saw band guides and guide rollers
Measuring stop 500mm
Driven chip brush

* The purchaser shall at it's own costs be responsible for disconnecting, dismantling and removing items purchased from the auction location. If the purchaser is intending to export items purchased at the auction it shall be responsible at its own cost for ensuring compliance with all UK export conditions and the obtaining of any applicable Export Licences.

* Please note all dimensions stated are approximate, however the accuracy cannot be guaranteed and should be verified by the bidder before bidding.

Bid information

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21 Sep 2023 15:10:00 BST

Final remove by date: 05/Oct/2023

Serial Number: 3889

Location: Coventry

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Transport information

  • Weight: 310kg
  • Other Transport Details: Loaded to transport FOC
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