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Lot 1 - DMG Mori NTX 1000 CNC High-Precision High-Efficiency Integrated Mill Turn Centre (2014)


* The purchaser shall at it's own costs be responsible for disconnecting, dismantling and removing items purchased from the auction location. If the purchaser is intending to export items purchased at the auction it shall be responsible at its own cost for ensuring compliance with all UK export conditions and the obtaining of any applicable Export Licences.

* Please note all dimensions stated are approximate, however the accuracy cannot be guaranteed and should be verified by the bidder before bidding.


The specifications given are to the best knowledge of the auctioneer. However, the accuracy is not guaranteed and should be verified by the buyer prior to bidding.

Spindle 1 through-spindle hole dia. 73 mm (Bar work capacity dia. 65 mm)
This specification changes the spindle 1 to the spindle unit with the bar work capacity dia. 65 mm. Chuck and cylinder for the spindle 1 is not included in this specification.
Output (30 min/continuous): 11 / 7.5 kW Maximum spindle speed: 5000 min-1 Maximum torque (30 min/continuous): 172/158 N・m Spindle through hole diameter: φ73mm Bar work capacity: φ65mm

(Spindle 1) 8" Hollow Chuck Unit BB208A621 (Wo body)

(Spindle 2) Kitagawa 5" Solid Chuck N-05 + M1120HC21D (w/o chuck body)

(HSC option) High-speed tool spindle 20,000 min-1, 9/ 5.5 kW (Capto C5)
This specification is effective to increase circumferential speed when using small-diameter tools.
・Output (25%ED/ countinuous): 9.0/ 5.5 kW
・Max. spindle speed: 20,000 min-1
・Max. torque (15%ED/ 25%ED/ coutinuous): 49.4/ 36.7/ 19.1 Nm

Tool storage capacity 76 tools (Capto C5)
An option to increase the tool storage capacity and change the tool holder grip and retention knob.

Coolant flow switch for through-spindle coolant system
It detects if the coolant is flowing in the piping. An alarm sounds when the flow amount becomes less than the set level for a specified time, and then halts the machine. It is effective to avoid impairing the machining accuracy caused by lower volume of coolant supply.

Super-high-pressure coolant system I/F (7.0 MPa)
This I/F is for mounting the high-pressure coolant system (separate type) on the machine. Including the electrical components and coolant piping.

Mist collector I/F (duct only, dia. 150 mm ) (HVS-150)
A duct for the mist collector will be installed on the machine.

Oil skimmer
Removes oil rising to the surface of the coolant in the coolant tank by attaching to a revolving belt, preventing deterioration of coolant.
Suitable for water-soluble coolant.
The belt is made of polyurethane. Please avoid using coolant containing alkaline cleaning fluid.
NK. Syst

Air blow for chuck (spindle 1)
The air blow removes chips adhering to the chuck. This prevents loss of gripping accuracy caused by chips caught in the machine.
The air blow for the spindle (chuck) is controlled by M codes in the program.
The air blow is turned on by M51, and off by M59. It is also possible to set a timer, so that it turns off after a specified time.
It can also be turned on and off with the air blow button on the flat panel.
※ The spindle can be jogged during air blow (using the parameter settings).

Air blow for tool tip (tool spindle)
The air blow removes chips adhering to the tool tip.
The air blow is controlled by M codes in the program. The air blow is turned on by M458, and off by M459.

Chip conveyor (right discharge, hinge type + scraper type with drum filter type)
The chip conveyor is equipped with two types of conveyors - hinge type and scraper type.
This allows the chip conveyor to dispose chips consisting of various materials and different lengths.
A built-in drum filter with backwash system can reduce the frequency of cleaning inside the tank.
- Height of the discharge port
- Not European Norm compliant: 1,064 mm
- European Norm compliant: 1,026 mm
- Long chips: 1,137 L/h
- Short chips: 55 L/h
- Coolant discharge volume (water-soluble coolant): Max. 150 L/min

Bar feeder I/F (LNS) (multiple)
This is the interface for the bar feeder, which increases productivity by feeding bar material automatically.

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26 Mar 2020 15:10:00 GMT

Final remove by date: 09/Apr/2020

Serial Number: NTX10140906

Location: Reading

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  • Weight: 10240kg
  • Other Transport Details: Loading Charge TBC
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