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Lot 2 - Matsuura H-Plus 405 PC6 Horizontal Machining Centre - (2022)


Matsuura H.Plus-405 / G-Tech 30i Control
Machine Capacity: X, 660 mm / Y, 660 mm / Z, 660 mm
Distance from Pallet Centre to Spindle Gauge Line 70 mm – 730 mm
Distance from Pallet Surface to Spindle Centre 80 mm – 740 mm
60 m/min X, Y and Z Rapids / 60 m/min Maximum Feedrates
Spindle Oil Cooler / Chip Flow System / Spindle Overload Protection
Auto Grease Supply Unit / Work Light / 9 Sets of "M" Code Part Counters
IZ-1/15F including AI Contour Control / Ethernet Function
Custom Macro / Skip Function, G31 / Helical Interpolation
1,000 Registered Programs / 0.5MB Memory Capacity
10.4" LCD/Colour Screen / Synchronised Tapping Function
- 20,000 rpm, BT40, Big Plus Spindle (Oil-Air Lubrication) – Direct Drive
- Weekly Timer
- 120 Tool ATC Magazine on a 240 Tool Base (Rack Type) with 400 Tool Offsets
- 6 Pallet Pool System including Load/Unload Station and 6 off 500 mm
Square Pallets with 700mm Diameter x 850mm High capacity per pallet
- 4th Axis Table with Inductosyn Scale Feedback, Direct Drive 100 rpm
- Spindle Load Monitoring Function
- Drum Filtration Swarf Management System incl’ Lift-up Conveyor and Chip Bin
- 20 Bar High Pressure Coolant Through the Spindle (Duplex Filtration)
- Wash Gun
- EXO MIST HPM100 Mist Extraction Unit including Ducting
- Renishaw NC4 Laser Tool Detection Probe
- Renishaw RMP600 Spindle Probe
- Large Memory Function (1GB HD)
- IZ1/30 (AICC Control II) High Feedrate Software for 3D

* The purchaser shall at it's own costs be responsible for disconnecting, dismantling and removing items purchased from the auction location. If the purchaser is intending to export items purchased at the auction it shall be responsible at its own cost for ensuring compliance with all UK export conditions and the obtaining of any applicable Export Licences.

* Please note all dimensions stated are approximate, however the accuracy cannot be guaranteed and should be verified by the bidder before bidding.

Bid information

Time remaining


06 Jun 2024 15:00:00 BST

Final remove by date: 20/Jun/2024

Transport information

  • Other Transport Details: Please note this machine has already been decommissioned and prepared for transport - A charge of £2,000 will automatically be aded to the purchasers invoice which will cover the reloading onto transport
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